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Mission: Give a man a pill, and you mask his symptoms for a day.

Teach him to meditate, and he can heal his life.

1 What is SECTCo?

Chiron-web-2.1.1-crop-smallSocial Enterprise Complementary Therapy Company (SECTCo) was founded on 4.5.2010 as a limited liability company that seeks to reduce the waiting times for NICE-recommended complementary therapy in the city of Brighton and Hove by public sector contracts with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, (CCG) Brighton and Hove City Council, (BHCC) and other public sector bodies in the city.

As a first company in the city we ran successful e-petition calling for complementary therapy to be provided free on the NHS, which attracted 445 signatures. In April 2011 we launched a similar e-petition on Brighton and Hove city council website and a year later we bid for contract with commissioners to provide the complementary treatments to NHS patients, sick council staff and drug and alcohol addicts. Although the bid was rejected our offer still stands for when the CCG or BHCC has funds available – see our latest business case here.

2 What NICE-recommended complementary therapy does SECTCo provide?

The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8 week course for anxiety and depression under CG23 (Dec 2004) and CG123 (May 2011) and for Irritable Bowel Syndrome under CG 61 (Feb 2008) and under CG 88( May 2009) for Low Back Pain. This course has been shown in trials to halve the 5 year relapse rate for patients who have had 3 bouts of depression, and reduce the staff absence rate by 73% (Transport for London) See brochure for this course here.

3 What is the present waiting time for the MBCT course in Sussex?

About 20 years. This is because the Primary Care Trust (PCT) commissioned only about 20 MBCT course facilitators to run about 20 courses per year for up to 20 patients per course, (totalling up to 8,000 patient places per year) for 160,000 depressed patients in Sussex, for whom the MBCT is clinically appropriate, so they have the statutory right to it under the NHS Constitution (which became law in January 2010).

4 Who are the directors of SECTCo?

, at 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, telephone 01273 417997.

5 Minutes of SECTCo board meetings here

6 SECTCo’s memorandum and articles, and rules here