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Minutes of SECTCo board meeting held on Wed 06.07.16 at 22,Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE

1) Present Jacqui Madders (chairman) Josh Kitek, Ruth Melie, Matt Farron, John Kapp (secretary)

2) Apologies Anne Pether (finance)

3) Minutes of last meeting (AGM) on 8.6.16 Circulated, no amendments had been proposed, so they were taken as a correct record.

4) Grant application

John said that we could apply for a grant of up to £1,500 for a year, starting in Nov, from Sussex Community Foundation, of Lewes, closing date 15.7.16. This was agreed. Action John

5) Swindon example

John reported that he had attended a conference the day before in London (5.7.16) on psychological therapies for severe mental illness, in which a commissioner and a provider had spoken of how they had created the best mental health service in England. He proposed that we suggest to Cllr Daniel Yates (chair HWB) and John Child (chief operating officer, CCG) that they use the Swindon formula for the Wellbeing Service contract in Brighton . This was agreed. Action John

Secretary’s note. I have asked the following public question of the HWB next Tues, 12.7.16 at 1600hrs at Brighthelm Centre, North Rd. ‘Will the HWB and CCG follow the lead of Swindon CCG who have the shortest referral to treatment (RTT) waiting time in the England for talking therapies?’

Notes to this question

1. In August 2013 Channel 4 News covered award-winning Swindon, who have provided the best mental health service in England by providing free courses since 1993 to teach patients how to look after themselves better. I attended a study day with them, and wrote it up in paper 9.63 of www.reginaldkapp.org dated 9.9.13, titled ‘Report on LIFT psychology. Creating a patient -centred mental health service Swindon fashion.’

6) Forming partnership organisations to end the need for rough sleeping by 2020. There was a discussion of organization and people with whom we could collaborate to create a better mental health service, such as Fash, and charities who are working with the homeless, such as Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) and Groundswell. John said that St Mungos has had backing (and perhaps funding) from the Council since January to expand their operation from London to Brighton. John had met, and been e mailing Sarah Mitchell, but had not had any reply to date. Jacqui had been trying to contact several charities without satisfaction. Matt reported similar experiences. Concern was raised about why several people (such as Marti and Grandad) had committed suicide recently. It was reported that council officers may be harranging rough sleepers to live in hostels in which 6 people had recently died in suspicious circumstances, so were thought to be unsafe, or face imprisonment. The meeting was asked whether charities are spending the public money for which they are contracted in the interests of vulnerable people as intended? Secretary’s note. I suggest that we compile a dossier of our concerns, which we can take to the Authorities, such as the Police, Council, HWB, Health Overview and Scrutiny committee, etc. Action All.


Secretary’s note. All directors are reminded to send me a one page CV for the website. 8 Date of next meeting Wed 3.8.16 at 930-1230 at 22, Saxon Rd, Hove.