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MBCT course brochure

Mindfulness course details

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course

 Principles of SECTCo’s meditation courses

a) Meditation relieves stress and improves health and wellbeing.

 b) We are ‘mindbody’, (psychosomatic)  as our body and mind are like two sides of the same coin watched by our consciousness.

 c) Sickness is disharmony between them, and can be a war zone. We can heal ourselves by harmonising them. We need to enter from the door on our mind side (called mindfulness), and the door on our body side, which we call ‘bodyfulness’, like two wings to fly through life.

 d) What the mind suppresses (emotions), the body expresses as symptoms. We can eliminate our symptoms (heal, cure) by expressing our repressed emotions in meditative catharsis. We teach this  ‘bodyfulness’ in the Emotion Based Cognitive Therapy (EBCT) course.

 What is the MBCT course?  The MBCT course is 2.5 hours per week for 8 weeks, usually from 930am-12pm, with a taster day before, and a reunion afterwards (total  25 hours).

NICE-recommendation The MBCT course was first recommended for depression by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in 2004 because studies found that it halved the 5 year relapse rate at for people who had previously had 3 bouts of depression (see clinical guideline CG23 Dec 04, and CG 123 2011).

Enhanced sandwich MBCT courseAs an optional extra, you can sandwich the MBCT course between the ‘bread’ of dynamic meditation (1 hour, from 730-830 am) at Revitalise, (opposite Hove town hall) and  kundalini meditation (1 hour, from 12-1pm)

 Class We meet together as a class of between 5 and 20 participants with a qualified  facilitator and at least 1 assistant facilitator. A taster session is provided one week before the course starts for you to meet the facilitators, and to check that the course is appropriate for you. One or more reunions are held after the course.

 For whom is the MBCT course?  Anybody who wants to improve their health and wellbing.

The cause of sickness is lack of awareness of how our lifestyle is harming our health. This course teaches meditation, which increases our awareness, and gives us the information and understanding by which we can improve our own health. This MBCT course teaches mindfulness – a meditation technique in which we watch our breath while paying attention to what is going on in our mind and body in the present moment without judgement.

 Contra-indications.  There are no specific contra-indications for this course, but you should be fit enough to be able to receive the course content.  We will be discussing emotional issues which we usually avoid because we fear that they may be painful (skeletons in our cupboard). Some strength and courage is needed to open the cupboard and look squarely at what is inside. If we do, we find that our fears were groundless, and we are healed of that issue as a result.

What will be expected of me?   No pressure will be put on you to perform to any standard, and you will not be marked or judged in any way. However, you will be expected to:

 >   Attend each session, or phone the facilitator beforehand to say why you are not coming.

 >   Share with one other in the class how you are feeling, and how you are getting on

      with the homework and classwork.

  • Ø  Do homework for half an hour per day between sessions by reading the text of the

     session in the course book provided, and practicing meditation to the CD and

     recording your experience in your course book.

 Outcome You will be taught how to:

>  Watch what is going on in your mind and body.

>  Notice your habits of being judgemental, driving yourself to meet impossible goals,

    and beating yourself up.

>  Release yourself from those habits if you want to.

>  Change your attitude of wishing things were different.

>  Accept yourself as you are, rather than judging yourself inadequate.

>  Appreciate yourself, others and your environment more.

>  Be present and centred so that you go more with the flow of life.

>  Find more contentment, peace, harmony and love in your life.

Price – donations

You have the statutory right under the NHS constitution to this course free on the NHS, if your doctor says that is clinically appropriate, because it is NICE-recommended. However, the waiting time is very long (about 20 years in Sussex) because few courses were commissioned  by the old Primary Care Trust (PCT) which was abolished on 1.4.13.  SECTCo has been campaigning since 2010 to reduce this NHS waiting time. It calls on the new Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to open up the market to private providers (such as SECTCo) which they have to do by 2015 under the NHS mandate, adopted Nov 2012. SECTCo bid (July 2012) to run this course at a tariff price of £400 per participant, so that we can pay our facilitators £50 per hour. Meanwhile, until we get a contract SECTCo is offering the course for donations, preferably in kind, by helping to advertise our campaign, and becoming a director.